Licensing Photographs

Every photograph shown in this gallery has the "BUY" button. Digital technology allows for the complete purchase and delivery of digital photographs without the intervention of this site’s photographer.

When a user clicks the "BUY" button, the site prompts to choose the type of use or license the user wants to give to a photograph.

We encourage clicking the “BUY” button to explore the different options and fees. A purchase is not made unless you click the “ADD TO CART” button and fully complete the purchasing process.

In any case, users are NOT taking ownership of any photograph, but simply buying a license (or permission) for a specific purpose.

All photographs contained in this site are copyrighted. If you are looking to obtain images at no cost, look somewhere else.

Electronic Personal Use license

This type of license is appropriate for individual users who want to buy a photograph(s) for their own personal use. Photographs for personal use may include, but is not limited to, using the photograph for at-home printing, screensaver slideshows, wedding announcements, online personal profiles, and so forth.

A Personal Use license prohibits the buyer from using the photograph for anything but strictly personal or limited educational use (e.g. school projects or single-classroom education). Therefore, photographs for personal use only may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or published without prior written permission.

Rights-Managed License

This type of license gives media outlets and other publishing entities the ability to select the type of publication, the position or location where the photograph will be published, as well as the size the photograph will be used, among many other options.

Users seeking to license a right-managed photograph(s) are prompted to a pricing calculator that generates a fee for each specific category. Right-managed license fees are set according to the industry standard pricing guide.